Summer is an anticipated time of the year for the kids. It means that school is out and they can enjoy their summer break while it lasts. During the summer, most kids and families love to spend their time outdoors. But while summer brings a whole lot of fun, it also brings with it the problem of dealing with various kinds of pests. One of the most persistent (and dangerous) of them are mosquitoes. Thankfully, there is a wide array of mosquito-repellent products in the market like mosquito repellent patches, topical lotions, sprays and mosquito coils.
Dealing with mosquitoes has now become easier with many options of products to repel them. You can therefore choose which method is most convenient for your kids. However, convenience is not the only thing that you should look into. It is also important to consider your child’s safety. You want to protect them against mosquitoes while ensuring that they are not at risk in the process too.
Hazards of Mosquito Repellent Products
Mosquito coil is the oldest and number one solution against mosquitoes since they were introduced in the 1950s. The product works by exhibiting fumes that are supposed to repel mosquitoes away. There are several active ingredients contained in each coil but one of the most prominent ingredients used is pyrethrin. This is a chemical compound used in many pesticides.
When the coil is set afire, it melts the coil and releases fumes containing the said pesticide. The fume hangs in the air in order to turn mosquitoes away. The smell of the fume is said to have caused headaches to most people it is exposed to. Therefore, you need to think twice before using a mosquito coil in your kids’ room as it can expose them to the harmful chemical. In fact, studies have shown that mosquito coils have caused severe upper respiratory inflammation and other long term carcinogenic problems to those who regularly use them.
Anti-mosquito lotions and sprays are made with an ingredient known as DEET and citronella. While citronella is safe and natural, DEET has raised safety and health concerns. It is believed to cause skin irritations especially when used in younger children. If you were to use lotions and sprays to fight mosquitoes, it is important to limit usage.
Why Mosquito Repellent Patches Are the Superior Choice?
With all of the risks and health concerns associated with other mosquito repellent products, there is one that doctors would recommend as the best alternative: mosquito repellent patches. Studies have proven that patches are made with natural ingredients that do not irritate the skin or harm your child’s health. It is also very effective and require no to little re-application making it a more economic option for parents without sacrificing protection for their kids.
If you are a parent, you want to protect your kids from insects and other harmful pests. But in an effort to protect them, do not put them in the face of danger too. This is a reminder to put extra caution when choosing mosquito repellent products in the future.

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